Thursday, October 2, 2008

The 9 Funniest Videos Of Animals On A Trampoline

One successful formula for comedy gold is to combine an animal with a trampoline. If the thought of an animal bouncing around on a trampoline appeals to you, then you are going to love these videos.

#1) Bear Falls From A Tree On To A Trampoline

#2) Dog Vs. Cat On A Trampoline

#3) Dog Bouncing On A Trampoline

#4) A Fox On A Trampoline

#5) An Elephant On A Trampoline?

#6) A Rabbit On A Trampoline

#7) A Gorilla On A Trampoline?

#8) A Kitty Cat On A Trampoline

#9) A Dog Jumps Into A Pool From A Trampoline

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