Thursday, September 25, 2008

The 10 Cheesiest Television Shows Of The 1980s

There were a lot of cheesy things about the 80s - the hair, the clothes, the music, the movies - but there were very things cheesier about the 80s than the television shows.

Below we have posted a list of the cheesiest of the cheesy. These shows truly defined what 80s cheese was all about:

#1) The Facts of Life - This show was so cheesy they should have called it "The Facts of Cheese"

#2) Family Ties - You've got to love Michael J. Fox, but this show was just dripping with cheese

#3) The Cosby Show - Do you think that this show reflected real life? Maybe if you are living on a planet made out of cheese

#4) Magnum P.I. - This show could make this list from the cheesy mustache alone.

#5) The Love Boat - Where do all relationships get fixed in one hour by the end of the show? Only on the "Cheese Boat"

#6) The A-Team - A show where thousands of bullets were fired and nobody ever died but the audience got bombarded with an onslaught of cheese.

#7) MacGyver - A very cheesy show, but can you repair a helicopter with a gum wrapper and a paperclip?

#8) Growing Pains - A show that seemed to get cheesier with each passing year. If it was still going today it would just be a solid block of cheese

#9) Who's The Boss? - Is it possible for a show with Tony Danza in it to not by cheesy?

#10) Moonlighting - A show so great that you almost didn't mind the massive amounts of cheese

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